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We focus on learning practical programming with hands-on web development. Specifically, we teach Python, Django, Javascript and React, since they are flexible for creating a wide variety of applications.
The 3 week-long boot camp teaches skills that are immediately useful for building web apps. We welcome any major at any skill level.


Funded by Clemson, Trace Camp is a free in person 3 week full time bootcamp focused on building Web Applications. Beginners are welcome as we will start with basic coding and move to Web Application Development over the 3 weeks.


The session will be 7/29/19 - 8/18/19
Each day will start at 8:30 with breakfast which is provided, class starts at 9 with lecture/live coding until 12, lunch will be provided, we will then break off into workshop time until each student finishes the daily assignment. Instructors will be available to help with assignments until 5.


The workshops will be held on the Clemson campus.


Python, Javascript, web technologies, React and Django over the 3 weeks.

Week One

  • We will cover the basics of programming with Python. We will learn concepts that are transferable to any programming language.
  • We will dive deeper into Python. We will learn the difference between object-oriented and functional programming.
  • We will start learning about web technologies and how the Internet works behind the scenes. We will build a RESTful API.
  • We will introduce a Python web framework named Django. We will also start learning the essentials of databases and model design.
  • We will continue to practice Django basics and take an in-depth look at Django models. We will also cover HTML—the markup language for creating webpages.
  • Each student will start designing and developing their personal projects. We will also build a static website and become familiar with S3.
  • We will focus on developing and finishing the student projects.

Week Two

  • We will introduce React
  • We will continue React. UX Professor will be visiting to go over principles of a good user experience.
  • We will continue React and we will become familiar with EC2 and Elastic Beanstalk.
  • We will become familiar with AWS Lambda and Google Cloud Functions.
  • We will cover Route 53, SSL certificates, and database hosting.
  • Each student will start designing and developing another personal projects. Each student will build a project using AWS or GCloud Infrastructure.
  • Each student will complete their project.

Week Three

  • We will focus on integrating React and Django
  • We will focus on integrating React and Django with modern infrastructure
  • We will cover a topic decided by the students.
  • Students will start on final projects.
  • Final Project
  • Final Project
  • Final Project

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The 3 week session will be 07/29/19 - 08/18/19
The program has limited space, please sign up and we'll contact you!


This bootcamp is supported by:

Dr. McNeese

Director of TRACE Research Group

Damali Boyd


Jake Armstrong


Rafael DeJesus


Bekk Blando

Head Instructor


If you have any questions, feel free to email us at bekkblando@gmail.com


Below are the projects for each student during the winter session.

GeoPets by Shana Slavin

  • Find your pet faster! Using Google Maps and pictures to help you locate your pet.

Pet Tinder by Damali Boyd

  • Find your perfect companion from horses to snakes from a local animal shelter.