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Our focus is teaching practical programming with hands-on web development. Our curated curriculum and experienced instructors will give you the tools you need to build your passion project.

What Trace Camp can give you

Trace Camp exposes students to web development skills while fostering a community of passionate programmers. At the same time, students learn by creating projects that speak louder than words on a resume.

  • Industry skills

    Learn skills and technologies that will prepare you to work on cutting-edge web applications.

  • Portfolio projects

    Create design and build your own passion project for your portfolio, with the help of our experienced instructors.

  • Learning community

    Join a community of students who are creative, focused, and driven to make the most of their summer.

This was one of the best computer science experiences of my life and really made me feel a lot more secure in my major, thank you so much!

Clemson Student
Winter Trace Camp

I enjoyed the lectures and the instructors made a good environment for the camp. Everyone was friendly and positive. I am very glad I took the time to learn something new. Overall, I had a good experience and met some great people.

Clemson Student
Summer Trace Camp

Recent bootcamps

Learn immediately useful technologies while building relevant industry skills and projects.


Fundamentals of Web Design with React


This course covers the fundamentals of web design through the creation of weekly assignments and a final project, all while using the industry standard, React Hooks.

·3 weeks

Built by students, for students

Committed to helping students learn how to code. Teaching pragmatic programming. Meet our team of instructors.

Annual Camps

Student projects

The camp ends with a hackathon where students build an app of their own design. Here are some of the projects from previous camps!

Frequently asked questions

When is the next camp?

We are currently in the process of planning our next camp. Currently we are looking to hold another camp this winter as we have in the past, but this is not set in stone yet.

Where will the camp be held?

Because of covid, we have moved all of our opperations online. We have used this format for the last couple camps and have found it worked really well.

Can I suggest a course?

Sure! We would love to know what students want to learn. There are future camps in the works that we hope cover more topics.

Are the live streams from the bootcamps available?

We do not have any recordings available to the public at the moment. However, students accepted within the camp have access.

Meet the team

Trace Camp instructors will guide you through your learning experience and support you in the completion of your project.


Dr. McNeese

Greetings! I am the Director of the TRACE Research Group at Clemson University and I am proud to sponsor Trace Camp’s mission of teaching students practical web development.


Steve Russell

Hey, I’m Steve, I’m a junior in CS at Clemson and I’m excited to help students build their app ideas!


Alyssa Williams

Hi, my name’s Alyssa! I’m a sophomore in Computer Science at Clemson and I’m interested in programming and teaching what I know!


Joshua Little

Hey! I'm Josh! I am passionate about computer programming and designing software.


Houston Everett

Ahoy! I'm Houston. I'm a senior CS student at Clemson and a big fan of coding. I am hyped to teach you some React.

Former team members

All of this would not be possible without the rich history of instructors that brought us to where we are today.

Former Instructor

Jake Armstrong

Former Instructor

Bekk Blando

Former Instructor

Dee Boyd

Former Instructor

Raf DeJesus

Former Instructor

Shawn Picardy

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Send us an email with the address below. We would be glad to answer questions about our bootcamps, and events.

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